Vision For Young Rural Jharkhand Campaign

RESTORING CHILDHOOD TO RURAL CHILDREN: Way back in 1995, Dr.Kashyap discovered to her horror that the increasing incidence of blindness in children of Jharkhand was directly proportional to the high drop out rates of children in government run schools. A sample eye screening of some 10,000 children, enrolled in state run schools at Ramgarh, some 40 kms from Ranchi helped confirm her hunch that untreated and undetected vision problems and dropping out of school, was closely linked.
Organising free eye camps to address the main causes of avoidable blindness soon became a passion. Till date, she has completed eye screening of more than 20 lakh children enrolled in state run schools of the state. The most noticeable impact was that thousands of children who had earlier dropped out of schools, due to undetected and untreated eye ailments are now happily back at their schools, after being provided free eye glasses and free phaco cataract surgery at charitable wing- Kashyap Memorial Eye Bank. To lend teeth to her fight against blindness, she has trained thousands of school teachers working in government schools all over the state, in primary detection of vision testing, cataracts, Vitamin A deficiency, squints and lazy eyes.

Durga puja 2022 celebration with Divinity of Eye Donation

Between 2007 and 2018, Dr. Kashyap has more than 20 Lakhs children enrolled in Government run schools all over the state of Jharkhand.

Thousands of children, who had at one stage, had dropped out of schools due to undetected and untreated eye infections, refractive errors, cataracts, squints, night blindness etc. are now happily back at their schools, after being provided free eye glasses, vitamin A tablets, cataract removal surgery and world class eye care at Dr. Bharti Kashyap’s- Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital, Ranchi and through free eye screening and refraction and eye surgery camps, all free of cost. Her beneficiaries also include victims of child trafficking, spastic children, diabetics, old age home residents, spastics, newspaper hawkers, daily wages workers, railway station porters, primitive tribes and people residing in the more difficult terrains of Jharkhand.
Thousands of school dropouts are back in schools.

Blind School screening & Multi Vitamin camp during National Eye Donation Fortnight on 01- 09-2018

Free eye checkup camp with Wazir Advisor at Kamre, Ranchi on 27/02/2018

Spectacles Distribution and Cataract Surgery Camp for Tribal Schools

In association with the Social Welfare Department of Jharkhand Government organised Free eye checkup, spectacles distribution and cataract surgery camp for tribal schools of Ranchi district on 10 Aug to 17 Aug 2017

Eye checkup & spectacles distribution camp for 1700 tribal sportspersons on 05/08/2017

P K Angara School Screening & Cataract Surgery Camp on 05/07/2017

School Screening & Cataract Surgery camp for school going children with Jharkhand Education Project for Angara block on 05/07/2017

Eye Checkup Camp for Tonto Village School 27th & 28th March 2016

Eye checkup camp for School going children with District administration of Chaibasa at Tonto Village on 27th & 28th March 2016

Eye checkup camp for Handicapped children with 14 NGO’s at Ranchi on 13/12/2015

Vision for Rural Jharkhand Campaign for SAGY Panchayat at PARASI – 04/07/2015 & 05/07/2015

Eye Check Up Camp for HUMAN TRAFFICKING & UNDER PRIVILEGED GIRLS at Namkum, Ranchi 16/04/2015

Eye Check Up camp at IN ASSOCIATION WITH IPS WIVES ASSOCIATION at Khunti District 28/04/2015

Concluding Ceremony of Vision for Young Rural Jharkhand Campaign for Khunti District on 30/09/2014

Vision For Young Rural Jharkhand Campaign At Khunti On 25/08/2014

Palamu Mega Hi-Tech Childhood / Adult Cataract Surgery Project

Palamu Mega Hi-Tech Childhood / Adult Cataract Surgery Project (13th January 2014 to 25th February 2014)

Mandar Camp – Human Trafficking & Under Privileged Girls (08th January 2014)

Saranda Mega Hi-Tech Childhood and Adult Cataract Surgery Project: (26th January to 23rd March)